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About My Experience With Texas Workforce Commission

I had this web site created because the public has been fooled by the unemployment numbers put out by the State of Texas which basically DOES NOT reflect the actual number that are truly unemployed. You can view the current unemployment rate of people who were APPROVED HERE for the the State of Texas.

Sure there are the few that did something illegal or against company policy to get them fired, but the majority are ones who had their job pulled right out from under them and then lost their unemployment benefits fight with TWC, because the system favors the employer. I had FIGHTTWC.com created to help and assists people like me where they are about to get laid off or fired and they are powerless to do anything about it. I realized a lot of this before it was too late and I have vowed to never make that mistake again.

So more about me, well like I said, I have been through the system twice now. The first time being successful and the second time being unsuccessful. Well the first time I filed was back in 2002 as I worked for a national retail company for 8 months in which I was laid off for lack of sales mainly because people were just not coming in anymore so the store was not doing well either, basically because the store sold high end products and well no one was wanting that at that point in time. So I was let go, not knowing how unemployment worked, I called as there wasn't the ability to signup on the web site at the time. I spoke with the the lady and gave her all of my info, told her that I was let go and she informed me I should receive a packet and that I needed to call every two weeks and to also make sure I look for employment. I said fine and in about a week I was approved because they had not heard from the employer so there was no contesting of my filing. I started to receive my checks, exhausted my benefits, but eventually found new employment. But a few months later I receive paperwork that the employer is contesting my filing a year later so I need to call up to a hearing that would be held. So I call, but the employer does not show up and the case is closed. I could not believe that if a year had gone by and they still have the capability to contest it, but I believe they give the employer a limited amount of time now.

I chose to start going to school and end up graduating and deciding to go into my field of study which now this brings me up to my second filing which happened in the fall of 2008. I worked for a small publishing company which I had been there for over a year and half. First off it was very difficult working for the owner and while I tried my best, there was no pleasing the owner.

Basically it came down to the owner having me come into their office and telling me in so many words that it was not working out and they had me sign a warning notice about the quality of my work. They then asked me to think about if I was wanting to stay with the company or not, basically they were saying that they did not want me to stay, so save yourself the time and quit. I didn't see anything wrong with the quality and neither has others who I have done this type of work for in the past.


So I chose to stay and even started writing a letter stating my intentions to stay and that I was unsure if they were trying to terminate me. But I chose not to hand it to them because I did not want to escalate a situation just in case everything was ok. I came in the next day and the owner called me in their office just to tell me that this is not working out and that I should go back to doing a job I had did before. They gave me a check for the next two weeks sealed but later when going to deposit it finding out that they wrote on it "Final Check-Resigned Employment". Basically that they are letting me go which I knew the writing is on the walls for the last couple of weeks as they rehired the guy I replaced a year and half ago, so I started printing out emails of work done from clients and even ones that showed how abusive my boss was.

So as soon as this happened I went home I started to look for a new job and did not even contemplate unemployment benefits as I needed more than what it would provide because I had a family of 5 to support which included a new baby within the last month. So it was going on almost 2 months with no jobs available as I applied everywhere to no avail. We had been receiving food stamps prior to my layoff but needed to get an increase on them to reflect my job status at the time. So we reapplied and they sent us a form to send to my former employer which I emailed to the them because I did not want to talk to my ex-boss as I was disappointed with them and the treatment of my employment there. My ex-boss filled out the form and wrote on the form the reason for termination was "Released due to unable to do job" which when received, it shocked me because I was able to do my job and had been able to do it for the last year and half. So we submitted this form to the State of Texas and they said that I should go ahead and apply for UI(unemployment insurance) because it was clear the employer terminated me.

So I went ahead and applied online and then I received a call from my "caseworker" and he explained to me what the employer had said and it contradicted what I said. I explained all of the information on the case and even faxed in the form I had sent to the Food Stamp office showing that my ex-boss said I was unable to do my job. I figured case closed as this was a state signed document showing the instance of my release ....nope. The reason is because they had gotten another co-worker to lie and say they could hear the conversation between me and my ex-boss, even though I closed the door. Coming to the realization that the guy I was talking to is just a person to verify that the employer is denying the claim so they then can send it to the appeal process if I decide to do it. So they denied my application because the employer contested it and based on a lying co-worker who had nothing to gain but keeping their job and was buddy-buddy with the boss. So this was a place I hadn't been before so I went ahead with the appeal process focusing my case on the fact that they said that I was unable to do my job based on their acknowledgment of the form they signed, because I had nothing else and really didn't need anything else. I received a packet from my ex-employer that contained information they would submit to the hearing which contained the lying testimony of the employee and a surprise of a new testimony of another employee who was never mentioned in almost the same language and text as the other(basically it was written by the same person in the same font and wording). So I submitted my package of information to my ex-employer and the hearing officer. So the hearing date comes and the very first day of the hearing I speak with the hearing officer prior to make sure she received my faxed information along with a document that shows the time and date I faxed the info to my ex-employer. Then they get my ex-employer on the line and the first thing my ex-boss says is that I just faxed the info which right there shows that my ex-boss is lying right in the beginning. The hearing officer brushes it aside and begins the hearing asking the general questions to each person, me and my ex-boss. The hearing officer questions whether the employer had me sign anything prior to leaving and they say no. Another key because if someone is leaving on their own terms or even against their own terms, wouldn't they generally sign something or maybe have a resignation notice of some type. Anyway we get to an hour of this and the hearing office says that we have gone through the allotted time so this will be continued at a later date, which I'm like what the hell, another date? They told me to keep filing and but I won't be getting any money yet, meanwhile me and my family are still struggling and my wife had to go back to work earlier then planned even though we just had our new baby.

So now another month and a half goes by until the continuation of my hearing. Meanwhile I had gotten a temporary job to at least get some money while waiting for this case to go through. So here I am in the hearing again and we continue with the case and the hearing officer is asking questions and then I have the capability to ask my ex-boss questions which I did and they tried to tell me that they(Ex-boss and witness)collaborated on filling out the food stamp form for my benefit which was a load of crap as if they really cared as they say they do, they would NOT be trying to deny my claim for UI. So the hearing ended and the hearing officer stated that we would receive the results and either side as a right to an appeal.

I receive the decision thinking I should have won the case, but get the denial decision based on a case that shows precedence to my case and they default on that decision based on the testimony of a lying witness supplied by the employer, an employee who receives their check directly from my ex-boss. So now I had the option of appealing to the commission, the commission of 3 individuals Tom Pauken, Ronald G. Congleton, and Andres Alcantar as of the fall of 2008(view the updated commission HERE) who were appointed by Republican Governor Rick Perry. I wrote to them stating that the employer cannot be trusted as if they are willing to lie on a government document and had been caught lying to the TWC in phone conversations(It was in writing), and even stated that my ex-boss and the witness collaborated on filling out the Food Stamp form, why should the commission believe a word they say as shown by the countless times caught in lies. But as expected the Republican Commission did not overturn the hearing officers decision which led me to believe they did not even review the case nor the new information I sent to them. So here I had the choice, pay money to a lawyer to continue my case in a civil court or just leave it alone, well being I had no money and was just struggling to get by, I would just move on, but I felt cheated so much which is the reason for this site to help others who have gotten screwed by Texas' employer favored system.

Why is the system like this?

Texas Workforce Commission is a state run agency which is run by Republicans for the most part or at least they have a strong leadership in it. All appointments of the commission are made by the Governor of Texas so he will generally favor ones of his/her party as we all know Republicans favor employers, NOT the working class. They are NOT there to help the employee in Texas, they are there to be sure to try to NOT pay a claim and always favor the employer if they can help it. The economy is usually decent in Texas when there is a recession, but it is because the law in Texas favors the employers so much it encourages poor treatment of the employees. Perry signed HB 1333 bill which is the response deadline for protesting a notice of maximum potential charge-back of unemployment benefits to an employer, is extended from the current 14 calendar days to 30 calendar days from the date the notice is mailed by TWC. Another way to help the state get out of paying money to unlucky employees who get the axe.

Texas big business is run by Republicans for the most part as our wonderful(can you hear the sarcasm?) former President George W. Bush was the governor before Rick Perry. But really it is like they are twins as he has just continued the status quo in Texas for employers as per his denial of extending unemployment insurance to part-time employees which would slightly increase employer tax on UI benefits. Because Texas has a lot of oil production companies amongst other similar companies who fund Republicans. Perry did not want to authorize this so he denied it because the state would have to continue that even after the country was back to "normal". Because employees in Texas are poorly treated, it would not be the status quo to follow, so he denied it, plus I'm sure there was some political stance on it for his presidential run in 2012. Basically employees in Texas get screwed because Perry wants to showboat and employers win again.

It is an absolute shame Rick Perry was re-elected to an unprecedented 3 term due to an incompetent Texas workforce basically, I mean seriously, why would you vote against your own well-being? He has the country folks thinking he actually cares about them like he is one of them and has the middle class people thinking he cares about them, BUT in reality he only cares about one thing, Himself, Big Business and more money to line his pockets with, which they supply nicely. We had a great candidate in Bill White, but because people would rather have some Good Ol' Boy in the Texas Mansion, we as workers in Texas lose again. Speaking of Mansions, why is Perry still using our tax dollars to pay for his rental mansion at $10K a month? Why is Texas ranked 49th in the country in education? Why has our border never been secure within the last 10 years Perry has been in office? Why was Perry trying to force the Trans-Texas Corridor down our throats? Why would Perry not participate in a gubernatorial debate? Well he figured he could ride the Republican wave to re-election and any debate would showcase the fraud and failure he has been as Governor. And with the recent mid-term elections, Texas added a bunch of new Republicans to the state congress that are looking to dumb down our public school system even further, because an uneducated person makes for an easily frightened voter which Republican love to manipulate. Why else would a voter who is currently on unemployment benefits vote for a Republican who is planning on not extending unemployment benefits? Because they have been frightened into thinking that Republicans care about America as a whole, problem is they ONLY care about the wealthy in America, NOT a poor average schmuck like you. Now they will be able to add more Republicans to the congress in Texas with redistricting, which they will try to cut back Democrat districts and add more Republican ones.

I am not saying vote for a Democrat, I am saying DO NOT vote for a Republican as they DO NOT have your best interest in mind no matter what they say, they have their corporate contributors that they watch out for for in mind ONLY. And unless you own a big business that brings in millions of dollars, then they do not care about you as a person or an employee in the State of Texas. Sure they will use hot button issues like abortions, guns, religion, family values, and smaller government, BUT in reality they had the power to change a lot of that stuff and did not. They use those things as a tool to get them elected and re-elected, because if those issues were settled, they would have no more talking points anymore to make them effective for you to vote for them. All I am saying is vote with your financial interests and family in mind, not the fact that someone can or can't have an abortion or if you have the right to carry a machine gun. Those are issues that do not affect YOU directly! But stuff like Republicans cutting funding for Public Schools DOES affect you!! Or when they cut funding for Food Stamps or other important social services. These are things that affect your life and your family that are important to you, don't let them them manipulate you with other stuff that is irrelevant really. Now I hear Republicans are talking about stopping Medicaid in Texas, seriously? What about the Texas children you say? Well they just flat out don't care... period. They want you to fight over lower paying jobs because it makes the big businesses more moeny and lines the pockets of the politians and gets them re-elected. Perry's campaign used the term Pro-Business, which is actually saying he is anti-worker.

You have to know who you are dealing with if you expect to win a case against your employer, especially in Texas, thus my rant at the end. I apologize if you are republican and unemployed, but you have to understand that they are NOT for the working class, ONLY the corporations and the Texas tax loopholes they get.

Well that is my story, I wish you the best of luck in your case and hopefully with a little assistance you can win!!


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